08 March 2014


While I'm waiting on the realtor to respond to my inquiry about closing costs before we sign a contract, I figured I'd talk about this topic.

Over the past few months, since Chris has been home, I've been asked by nearly every person I talk to: When are you going to have a baby/ get pregnant/ start a family/ Are you having kids?

It's always acquaintances, because the people that know us already know the answer.

We don't mind, except for the constant stream of it. I've come up with quite a few jokes and funny ways to respond with a definite NO. Most of the conversations go the same way: We explain that we have no desire to raise a child, and that yes we might change our minds one day but we don't see that happening.

Surprisingly, we've learned a lot about what other people's thoughts about children are, and how their own situations turned out.

At this point in our lives, I think it's a natural question for people to ask.

I can see, though, how it can be a difficult question to address. For example, I work with a girl that I went to school with and she has not started a family yet. The other day we were in the break room and someone asked her about it, and she nearly burst into tears because they've been trying for a long time with no luck. Such a simple question that turned out to be so loaded.

While we are quite happy with our little family of three (kitty included), and there are no future plans to add another (unless it's a dog), the constant inquiries are astounding. If we had an issue with it, it would be heartbreaking to answer that question all the time.

On a related note, I've got cupcakes that need decorating so we can take them over to sweet Calvin's 1st birthday party. I can't believe it's been a year since the little babe decided it was time to come hang out.

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