10 March 2014


So last night I was woken up at about 2am by a ruckus in the living room.

Annoyed, I yelled for Pumpkin to stop it. The ruckus stopped.

It started again. Even more annoyed, I yelled, louder.

It did not stop. So I got up and walked into the living room.

And found a cat.

A cat that does not belong to me.

I said, a cat that does not belong to me. This meme came to mind.

So, I followed said cat through the house into the guest room, where it leisurely leapt out of the open window.

The open window that has made my sleep blissfully sound the past few months because Pumpkin can come and go as she pleases.

The open window which shall now have to be closed because Gary likes to go inside other people's houses. And spray. It stinks. Literally and figuratively.

For the record, we know this cat. This cat has been dubbed Gary. He likes to come hang around. He's friendly and has balls, obviously. And he likes to spray. GodFuckingDAMMIT.

We will be getting one of these in the near future, obviously.

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