29 March 2014


-Yesterday after work Chris and I started our new workout schedule. Tuesdays and Thursdays when I get home, we'll go to the track and get some exercise. I was tired after about 20 minutes and was glad when he said we should go because of lightning, but it felt good. I could literally feel some of the stress melting away. The pretty sunset didn't hurt, either.

-Day 2 of intensive cat door training. She is at the stage where she will go through if you hold it open, but hasn't figured out that she can push it with her head to achieve ultimate freedom. This is going to take some time. And constant diligence.

-Going to College Station today. I hope I poop before we head out.

-This little "Pending" note means we're a little bit closer. We seem to have stalled out at the appraisal part because someone, somewhere, is dragging their feet. Which does awesome things for my nerves.

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