27 March 2014

not a fan

I've been on Pinterest and HGTV lately getting ideas for future home & all that. There's some kickass stuff out there, but I keep seeing the same annoying things and I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks they're lame...

10 home decor trends I really don't like:

1. Chalkboard walls. Cute in theory, but in reality? Chicken scratch handwriting and chalk dust mess. No, thank you.

2. Accent walls. And by that, I mean one wall painted a different color than the rest. It's not an opportunity to use a bold color. It's just so... cliche. Now, give me a patterned wall and you're talking.

3. Collage/ Gallery walls. Like, the whole bunch of picture frames artfully arranged. I've just never been a fan.

4. Anything with pallets. They're trash. Don't decorate with them-- Burn the motherfuckers in your white trash fire pit and call it a party!

5. Destroyed books used for crafting a wreath or some crap. It hurts my book-heart a little bit.

6. Those sliding barn doors used indoors. Neat idea, but not for the kitchen. It's trying a little too hard to be creative and modern and instead ends up looking weird and unbalanced.

7. That tiny door from the garage into the pantry. Yeah, shove all your groceries into this little door, and put them away later. You know what would really happen? The groceries would stay in there, on the floor, until it was time to use them. Sometimes convenience is not really convenient.

8. Flour/sugar drawers. Even if they're covered, all I can think of is "Bug Buffet." Of course, I've had to deal with them before and maybe it's just my moth infestation PTSD.

9. Huge skylights. Great until a bunch of bird crap gets crusted on and the Texas summer heat beats down on them all day.

10. Industrial shelving. Meh. Not cool with the exposed pipe look- I want my home to look finished & not like they stopped building halfway.

Am I the only one? What home decor trends do you hate?

(Ash and Suze I'm talking to you since you're the only ones who read this)


Ashley said...

Well. I kind of have the collage/picture gallery thing going on. So no comment there. haha and I'm kind of with you on the accent wall thing. I like the patterned wall idea. The chalkboard would be cute as an accent..but a WALL? Jesus.

I've never seen the hole where you put your groceries in your pantry, but I feel like that's a lot of bending over...

I like your patterned pantry door idea. Do that.

Suzy :) said...

I agree with you on the chalk dust and bug buffet drawers (LOL) but I like accent walls, picture walls & pallet furniture :P