15 March 2014

Our own

I have been having a lot of fun lately thinking about how I'm going to make our potential new house ours. Something about having the freedom to customize it exactly how I want it. It's essentially a blank slate. So many possibilities! I can do whatever I want! Thanks to pinterest, I've also seen a lot of budget-friendly diy ideas.

Most of my ideas involve the kitchen.

Right now I'm thinking of removing a few cabinet doors, at least the ones that are falling apart. Maybe I can switch some around. Then I saw this neat tutorial that involved staining them.

Also I saw a cute beadboard backsplash that would help marry the clean, modernish look with the traditional charm that I like.

Speaking of beadboard, there are some built-ins in the living room that might look adorable if I added it:

I'm also thinking that I might paint the pantry door a cute color like this, for a pop of color.

Or maybe I'll do some kind of stencil/pattern. Like this but on the outside of the door.

And I've already started thinking about making a cute coffee station on the small countertop that's next to the fridge. 

Also, how freaking adorable is this idea?

Basically, I just can't wait to get in there and start personalizing stuff. Sooo close!

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