06 March 2014

impressions & stuff

Today, someone who doesn't know me assumed that I drive a minivan.

Clearly, I need to change something about my image if that's the impression I'm giving off.

Probably related-- Once again, my work wardrobe needs desperate updating. It's all fading and pilling, and looks just a little dumpy. I'm growing weary of ill-fitting pants. I have no black flats because they got destroyed in the mud one day. However, clothing is not exactly top on our list of spending priorities.

We've made another small step in the process of finding a place to live, but it's still frustrating and the sellers are being very difficult. I have no doubt the rest of the process will be just as rocky. Keep on truckin.

We haven't had a free weekend in a while. Every day we've been out and running around, socializing, traveling, etc. This weekend we've reserved Sunday with no plans. We're just going to do whatever we feel like; whether it be lazing around in pjs or being productive.

I'm hoping to get my garden started and get a few seedlings ready in egg cartons. I'm hoping that this past week was the last cold spell, but the way the weather's been I'm not sure. This year's garden will be planted exclusively in containers this year, because hopefully we'll be moving.

Oh, also we've hired someone really great to fill one of the holes at work. She won't start for another couple weeks, but we all had a chance to interview with her and I think she'll work perfectly with our team. 

Anyway, that's the way life's been lately.

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