02 May 2014


I totes wanted to put up some before & after pics from yesterday but I left my camera at the new place.
I did take a couple of adorable shots of Calvin playing in the shelves. It's like they were made for him!

My sister, mom, and I tore through that house yesterday. Every curtain rod and set of blinds is down. Every nail is out of the walls. The previous owners apparently loved to hang stuff up without properly anchoring it so there are several holes to patch. Those random wires tumbling out of the wall were removed when Chris got off work and ventured up into the attic. He also cut off the awkward part of the built-in shelves and it looks SO much better. We scrubbed tubs, cabinets, and even got the baseboards with toothbrushes in anticipation of painting them. Every single inch is clean. The place practically glows.

From 9am, there were people steadily moving in & out of the house-- 3 guys to give painting quotes, 2 guys that ripped out & installed new carpet, 2 guys that came to deliver the fridge, and of course us three girls cackling and singing and cleaning.

From the time I got there to the time we left, it looked so much brighter, cleaner, and more like... ours. Our blank slate.

We still have a lot to do, but we're slowly getting there.

Today they are putting our rental on the market. A small, sentimental part of me is going to miss this sweet little house. It's my first place after moving out of my parents, and it's the first place Chris and I lived together.

Sentiments aside, I'm ready to pack everything up and haul it into our new place!

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