31 May 2014


This kind of clutter is generally not tolerated.

However, this happened:


Toilet paper holders are underrated. You don't realize how essential they are until you don't have one. I installed it myself! (Along with a hook and a oops-way-too-high towel bar.)

Again, I love driving home without passing countless strip malls & convenience stores. This stretch of road is a natural speed trap, but I just set the cruise and enjoy the view, and hope there's a good song on the radio. I feel like that should be a motto for a lot of things.

We have been coming home late every night, taking care of various forms of business. We are officially no longer tenants in the rental, and we were told we'd get the entire deposit back. Baller.
So last night when we came home from work at a decent hour, and spent the evening with friends instead of being consumed by responsibilities, it was nice. Really nice.

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