22 July 2014

all the help I can get

I recently stumbled upon this great little website, SproutRobot. You just put in your zip code, and it tells you what you should start planting.

For the ever-trying garden enthusiast with a brown thumb (me), this website is genius.

For instance, this week in my area it's good to plant Southern Peas, Okra, Onion, Watermelon, and start Cabbage indoors.

See? Takes all the guess-work (or in my case, randomly planting seeds every spring) out of planting stuff.

Now, it does have a little Instructions link next to each type of plant, but when I click it doesn't load.

On a related note, this past weekend I planted a small flowering cherry blossom tree, and a gardenia bush in the backyard, where the big tree used to be. I did leave them in that spot in their pots for about a week to see f they liked it, and they seemed to do okay. Regardless, I have not a single clue about whether or not they'll survive. I hope they do.


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