23 July 2014

i heart garage sales

Sunday morning on the way home from the grocery store, Chris and I swung by an estate sale. There is always great stuff at estate sales. The variable is how the stuff is priced. The last one I went to was way overpriced, but this one was more reasonable.

We left with:

2 wooden bowls, 25 cents each. After a nice scrubbing and a little oil massage, they practically glow.

1 pretty wall hanging, 50 cents.

2 end tables. $25 each. Solid wood, beautifully intact and just a little bit ornate. Just needing a slight dusting, even the drawers slide smoothly. They went into that vast expansive space at the other end of our bedroom.

Please ignore that thing hanging out of the wall by a wire. I'm not sure what that is and I've chosen to ignore it. [Actually... I think it's a connection for a home phone.]

I want to put a big cushy armchair between them. Or something.

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