19 July 2014

Patio Chair Covers DIY

It's been a rainy summer for us. The mosquitoes are loving it, and we all have evidence on our bodies to prove it. Hubs could not be more pleased about the rainfall because the grass and new sod seem to be doing well. Yes, we're slowly being sucked further in to suburbia...

Speaking of-

We found a standard little table + chairs set for the deck. (The umbrella is actually an old beach umbrella. Yay for improvisation!)

Due to the random changes in weather, we've had to move all the chairs and cushions quite a few times.
Yeah, we could just let them get wet, but we'd like to keep them looking nice for as long as possible.
For a while they went into the garage or under the small bit of roof coverage near the gate and the back door. Which got real annoying, especially when the stacks of chairs would stay there, perfectly in the way, for several days or weeks. Even after it stopped raining. Who wants to move them back and forth all the time?

It was time to come up with a more convenient solution.
Purchasing chair covers was not an option, because after hemorrhaging money when we first moved in, we are definitely back on a budget. Even at $15 for a cheap cover, $15 x6 is more than I'd like to spend.

So I went to the dollar store (woo!) and bought 2 vinyl shower curtains.

All I did was sew 3 sides together to create a very large sleeve. I used clothespins to keep the edges together instead of pins. Took about 10 minutes.

Then I stacked the chairs, put the cushions in the top seat, and slid the cover over it. Done. For $2. Seriously budget friendly and totally functional.

It's not the most exciting or beautiful thing in the world, but it's rained a couple of times and nothing has gotten wet AND it has not blown off. That last part is important.

If I ever feel the urge, I could make covers for each chair, tailor them a little bit more, and maybe choose a pretty patterned shower curtain. But for now, this works great.

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