21 July 2014


I normally sleep in a camisole of some sort, and cotton "granny" panties-- of the Victoria's Secret variety.

I keep hearing and reading about how it might be a good idea to go panty-less when sleeping, or lounging about, or basically any time that going commando would be acceptable. The moral of these stories is: If you've got the opportunity, take those undies off!

So, even though I don't seem to be having any issues related to underwear, I decided to try sleeping without any for a week. Just to see what it was like.

And honestly? It's not much different.

I suppose if you happened to have issues created by wearing undies, it might be world-changing, but for me it just means a little less laundry to do.


Drew said...

Ha! I love it when our lives weirdly (and somewhat awkardly at the moment) parralled each others. Ive been doing this for the last 4 nights now. I didnt read anything about it (now im going to do some research!) it just sort of felt necessary one night and since then Ive continued.

Suzy :) said...

And the whole family always laughs at me for sleeping naked! Turns out I've just been ahead of the curve >:)