02 August 2015

New and not so new things

New things:

-Contacts. New Rx, more comfortable. Also got new frames which is huge bc that hasn't happened in a very long time.

-Curtains. Got tired of looking at the grungy hardware on the dining room blinds so I put up curtains. Pretty, but maybe too pretty. I like a shabby chic country vibe but these may be too much for me. I might end up putting the curtains back in the kitchen, and installing some pretty molding like this. Normally the set of blinds comes with something similar, but these came with the house and didn't have any. Hence my problem.

Not so new things:

-The electric bill has been high (duh) and to hopefully save a few bucks and give the old A/C unit a bit of a rest, we programmed the thermostat a few degrees higher. I definitely notice it. Especially when I come home and try to cook dinner and I literally start sweating in the kitchen. Hence the boycott on kitchen appliances lately.

-The stress level at work has also been high lately, leading to anxious dreams, including dreams about my teeth falling out. Always a sign that things need to chill TF out. This summer has been especially rough and I need a vacation so damn bad. Not a day off. A vacation. I'm not sure I can hold off until January's potential trip to tropical paradise.

-Tummy is finally starting to calm itself after last week's glutening. Although the accompanying canker sore decided to hang around for a while. Fortunately, I've found that warm salt water helps a bit.

It's bound to be another busy week, and Chris is in his finals week of summer school/ preparing for a big camping trip, so here we go.

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