07 January 2017

Planned lazy

I did not expect to put on pants today.
Our world was icy and cold, and my heated mattress pad was on high all day. Plus it's the first weekend I've had off since before Christmas and I am tired of going going going.

I drank tea and did laundry and made cookies, savoring the fact that I was able to make the whole batch at once, instead of multiple little batches in a toaster oven. Still smitten with that oven.

For the record, I did put on pants. And I drove places. And I got an unexpected take- home container of chili out of it. (Mah always has something tasty, whether you're hungry or not)

Got home, put on a different pair of jammies, washes the ones I wore all day so they'll be clean for tomorrow.

Because being lazy sometimes requires planning.

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