16 January 2017

Recovery entertainment

I woke up feeling good so of course I did some laundry, tidied the house up a bit, and now... ouch. It's really hard to not use abdominal muscles. Mom scolded me when she found out I did things.

I am not good at resting.

Especially not for the 4th day in a row. Even on painkillers. I can't drink, I'm not supposed to drive, and I'm bored. It's also been weird asking for favors or having Chris do things for me. I'm independent, darn it! But I know I need to take it easy in order to heal, and I definitely want to get back to work next week.

SO I decided to park it in bed, pull up the laptop, and compile a list of things I can do to keep myself sane while not moving. Plus when my sister comes over I'll ask her to unload the dishwasher and get the mail (♥).


-Read a book. I've got a $50 Amazon gift card and a whole wish list of kindle books.
-Clean up Pinterest boards. THAT will kill some time.
-Color. Seriously. Mom got me one of those adult coloring books and my skeptical self was not having a bad time coloring last night.
-Bullet journal. Oh, which reminds me I need to make a follow up appointment.
-Netflix. Watch all those shows I've heard about but haven't had the time to get sucked into a Netflix series. Now, I have all the time. (P.S. Stranger Things did not suck me in. A little suspense is fine, but I like having answers!)
-Cross stitch/embroider. I have all the supplies, I just need to download a quick pattern from Etsy.
-Magazines. I'd have to ask someone to bring them to me, but I love me some magazines.
-Catch an Uber to Target and shop around with a motorized cart. This is my favorite and I'm saving it for when I'm super bored.
-Organize/clean out drawers. This might be ok if I sit in a chair. I have SO much time and it would be great to declutter.
-Play with the lazy cat.
-Puzzles! My sister is bringing me one.
-Nap. The best thing ever.

I'm all out of things. Suggestions?

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