05 May 2013

kitty weekend

There is a lot of kitty in this post. She was just around and looking cute a lot this weekend. I think she misses the constant stream of people at mom's house.

Internet has been going in & out every few minutes all weekend and it's pissing me off. I can't even finish a task before it craps out. Thank goodness for smart phones so I can get my social media fix while I'm sitting about.

Work is about to explode with busy. There's so much to be done before we can go live with these new glucose meters. I'm just praying I can get as much done as possible before Chris comes home so I don't have to stress about taking time off.

Saturday was filled with trips to the emergency center because Calvin woke up with a gnarly eye infection, and family drama.

I'm starting to really understand Chris' point of view when it comes to his mom. For the longest time I didn't get it, but now I do.

Also this weekend I sewed new covers for the ugly old cushions on the back porch.  Pumpkin helped.

I started the day cleaning out the gutters in my PJs. I just lugged the ladder through the house and put on some gardening gloves. Only a couple major clogs. I cleaned up the back porch and put out the new cushions. It looks nice. Pumpkin approves the final product.

Then I ran some errands with mom and we hung out on her back porch & sat in the sun and made frozen mai tais. They were delicious. This weather is simply glorious. I'm thrilled to have such beautiful days when it should be muggy and hot already. My electricity bill is thrilled as well.

Now to complete the rest of my Sunday chores.  And text my husband sexy things. Apparently Pumpkin is feeling sexy too.

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