12 May 2013


Ashley's still sleeping so I suppose I'll blog. She does not get uninterrupted sleep very often nowadays. We stayed up until 3 am drinking wine on the back porch (Calvin was at Grandma's) but for some reason I woke up wide awake at 9am. Then the cat started in being all annoying. I see a nap in my future today, especially since I spent most of yesterday painting little girls' rooms at Jessica's.

It seems like Mother's Day is really big on fb this year. Were there that many post's about it last year? Or does it just seem that way because I check fb more often now that I have my smart phone?

These are apple pie's. No way.

I'm out of egg's so breakfast will probably be happening at mom's today. Or we could just eat cereal. But I'm really not in the mood for cereal.

People are pinning swimsuit's. Trying not to think about bathing suit season. Ergh. Maybe it's time to start toning up. Merrrhhhh.

41 freaking DAY'S. But who's counting?

P.S. How ANNOYING was it to see all those plurals with apostrophes?? Did you twitch a little bit every time you saw one? Or did you even notice? Occasional goofs aside, I would love to wipe bad grammar from the internet, especially basic rule violations like that, and ESPECIALLY when you have a sponsored, "professional" blog and you spew thing's like that all the time.
It's margaritas! Not margarita's!
Rant over, for now...

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