14 May 2013

laundry & health

It has occurred to me that if I don't remove the clothes from the dryer right away... nothing happens. Nobody else will take them out and stuff them in a basket so they can dry their own clothes. No one yells at the top of their lungs, "Whose clothes are these??" No one says, "Hey are you almost done with your laundry kuz I need to do some," right as I throw a load in. I don't have to check with anyone before I throw a load in. And, most importantly, if I leave the towels in the dryer for a few days, it's OKAY. They'll be there, just as I left them. This realization could be a catalyst for laziness, but for now I'm just enjoying not folding my towels and letting them hang out in the dryer. I can't believe it took me this long to figure that out!

Caught this on my sister's tumblr:
I wasn’t healthy at all, but because I’d lost weight, people automatically assumed I was. When I told them that I’d lost weight due to chronic illness, some people would say “Oh well, at least you look good,” while others even went so far as to say, “I wish I had IBS, I’d kill to lose weight that fast!” (I wouldn’t wish IBS on my worst enemy!!) It opened my eyes to exactly how much people judge health based on appearance rather than on physical and mental well-being.
She puts it into words better than I can. It's what I think when people tell me I'm thin because I can't eat gluten. Drives me crazy. Simply put, if I ate gluten I'd be even thinner- I'd be slowly starved and suffer all of the symptoms of malnourishment, plus the added pain and discomfort and digestive upset.
Physical and mental well-being (and, for me, lack of stomach jiggling when I jog) for the win!  OH, OH. I forgot. When we ran those tests at work a couple weeks ago, I was able to check out my red cell indices. Guys, my H&H were all the way up in the dude range. It took 6 years, but I'm finally firmly back to where healthy people are. It makes me feel physically stronger just thinking about it. Also I don't feel reluctance to give blood anymore, now that I'm on the high side of normal.

Drinking the wine that Ashley opened up Saturday. I don't know how you got that cork out, but there are tiny cork pieces everywhere. And there were also tiny cork shards all over the counter. Drunk Ashley, what did you do??

P.S. I hate reality tv. It's practically on every damn channel. Give me a nice scripted sitcom and I'm happy. Or a documentary. Or a show about ancient aliens. Or cartoons. Something with a plot, a storyline, and maybe actors!

P.P.S. I saw Pitch Perfect this weekend and loved it-- minus the upchuck, which was so ridiculous it wasn't even that gross. But still.

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