09 May 2013

lawn saga

The lawn guy saga... continues.

I thought maybe it was over. But then Monday I pulled up into my driveway and when I got out of my car, I noticed that the lawn was mowed. Except my lawn guy comes on Wednesday. There was a guy in a truck waiting for me. He was all, "Hey your neighbor and I just mowed your lawn." And I was all, "Oh, really? Do I owe you anything?" And he was all, "No, we were mowing his lawn and he just said he always mows your lawn so we did it." And I said, "Well my lawn guy will be surprised! Thanks, I'll have to go over and talk to him."

Wednesday I got a phone call from my lawn guy this is what he said:
I pulled up to your house and started to mow your front lawn, and your neighbor in the two-story house came outside giving me attitude. He pointed to his property line and told me not to mow over it, and also told me mow your grass the same height as his. Then he stood there and watched us for about 5 minutes while we mowed your grass. That's another thing- it always looks like it's been recently mowed. Is someone else mowing your grass?

I apologized and told him that my one neighbor has been mowing it for no reason, and the other one is apparently a mean lawn Nazi. My poor lawn guy was getting yelled at by one neighbor for something that my other neighbor did. You can't make this shit up.

That night I got home and as soon as I was sitting down to eat dinner, the doorbell rang. One guess who it was.

It was my lawn-mowing neighbor and his friend. They said they had some extra fertilizer and wanted to know if I'd like my grass/ flowerbed fertilized. I didn't want to be rude and had no good reason to turn it down, so I said sure. They said it would need to be watered, so I went around back and dragged the hose to the side of the house. We stood around and chatted for a minute. The opportunity came up, so I mentioned my Marine husband.

Then they said that they needed some kind of tool to remove the soaker hose from the spigot to attach the real hose, and went inside. I put some stuff away, and went back outside to help, but they hadn't come out yet. I kinda hung out and waited to see if they'd come over, but they never did. Even in the morning, the hose was unconnected laying across the driveway.

Then it dawned on me: They found out I wasn't single and dropped me like a hot potato!

No more free lawn work, I guess. I'm glad because that was getting to be a really awkward situation. I had no idea how to tell my neighbor that he was so nice, but please don't mow my lawn anymore.

I never thought getting my damn grass mowed would be such an ordeal!

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