21 July 2013

bills & doors

This morning I rolled out of bed after a good night's sleep determined to 1. Pay bills. and 2. Install a cat door.

I paid some bills, and then crunched some numbers.
84% of my total debt is paid off. Almost there.

Then I started looking online at doors.

Since the back door to the house is a very nice door, we will not be cutting a hole in it.
The plan is to put a cat door in the door leading from the house into the garage, then leave the big garage door cracked so she can go in and out. Once we move out, we will have to replace the door that we cut a nice big hole in.

Also, since we'll be cutting a hole in a door, we'll need to consider insulating it properly. The garage gets super hot and we certainly don't want airflow.

So I called my dad to see what kind of door we'd need once we replace it (to make sure it won't be super expensive) and he's all, "Well let me and Uncle Joe come over and we'll take a look at it and we'll do it for you."

I mean, I intended to do it myself, but if he's offering... okay! Supplies and the cost of beer will more than pay for itself if I don't have to struggle with this.

So my plans for the day have been fulfilled and it's not even noon. Nice.

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