21 July 2013


As I continue to try and organize things that continue to be shuffled around, it is appearing to me that I have entirely too much stuff. I'm sitting here trying to organize a bunch of useless crap. Even though I got rid of many things before I moved, there are still things that just sit there, in storage or whatnot, not being used.

For instance, I was sitting on the couch watching tv and I glanced over at the bookshelf under the window seat. The objects in that bookshelf have not been touched since they were put there. They're simply not used. Another case: The entry closet has a few small piles of things that are ignored. Another: sewing patterns & fabric scraps. Another: I have three dresser drawers full of underwear. Don't even get me started on how I cram my plethora of pajamas into a single drawer. Yet another: I have six pairs of workout shorts, 3 pairs of workout pants, and 2 pairs of workout capris. Do I work out? NO. Do I need that many articles of clothing, even if I worked out every day? NO. I have an entire shelf in the closet full of t-shirts. That's like, 30 t-shirts.
Not only do I not have the space for this stuff, I'm boggling my mind trying to figure out how I fit it all into the size of a 2-car garage.

Why do I have so much stuff? How did I get so much stuff? Some of it are gifts that I kept because I didn't want to offend the gift-giver. Some are sentimental. Some are seldom-used. Some I keep thinking might be useful some day. Why do I keep Cranium? I don't even like that game. I have 8 vases. Even on the best floweriffic day, I only have use for probably 2. I also have enough pens, highlighters, and erasers to probably last me the rest of my life.

I love it when I'm in my get-rid-of-clutter moods. I'm bringing home a big box from work tomorrow and getting rid of whatever I feel I can live without. And I'm going to repeat that until I'm out of the mood.

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