18 July 2013


So I ended up looking like an asshole tonight.

But let's back up. I went as a sub for mom's bunco group. It was fun, and at the end of the night everyone gets to pick a gift, in order of how many points they got, etc.

Well one of the gifts was a handmade quilt with mustaches on it. (It was a mustache themed party)
Anyway, mom really wanted the quilt. A few people picked, then it was my turn, and I jokingly picked the quilt but ended up picking a plant, because I knew mom wanted the quilt. Then the lady after me took the quilt. Son of a bitch. I completely forgot that other people could pick before it was her turn. To top it off, mom ended up picking last and got a kind of lame gift.

And the whole party witnessed it. And the whole party talked about it and joked about it afterwards. I felt like such an asshole. If I was a good daughter, I would have picked the quilt and given it to her. I think everyone expected that to happen.
I didn't really want the plant, I just really didn't think that anyone else would pick the quilt before it was her turn. And THEN, I voiced that I didn't think that anyone would pick the quilt, trying to defend myself, and I think I offended the lady who made it. Jesus.

Anyway, I got the lady's number and I'm going to pay for her to make another quilt, but everyone at the party saw me jokingly pick it up, put it down, and pick a damn plant and they were all probably wondering what the hell I was doing. Ugh. I suck so bad. I wish I would have just picked the damn quilt.

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Drew said...

I HATE that feeling of wishing you had done things differently. I tend to just get fixated on it and just replay it over and over. Sorry. :(