20 July 2013


So yesterday was a good day for both me and Chris. He got promoted to Corporal (and looked real cute doing it)

 and I was awarded Employee of the Quarter. (There were no pictures taken.)

His thing was expected, but mine came as a complete shock to me. I didn't even know it was a thing, as I've only been there for 8 months. I was sitting there doing my work when my boss pokes her head in and says, "You need to come with me right now."

So we walk across the hall to the conference room where they are doing service awards, like for people who have been there 5 years, 10 years, whatever.

Then my boss walks up to the lady presenting and they're like, Ok it's your turn. And she proceeds to tell everyone why I was awarded Employee of the Quarter and how I've been doing a great job.

Then they pull me into the middle of the room and everyone's staring at me and I'm like, Holy crap thank you I'm so surprised I think I might cry thank you so much. It was awkward and I had no time to prepare myself mentally for a crowd staring at me, haha.

It was over quickly, and the head of the department handed me an envelope. Inside was a note saying that I get 8 hours free paid time off next month. Hellz yeah! So, after we go live with these new meters I'll try to take myself a nice 3-day weekend.

I'm just doing my job and I don't think I did anything out of the ordinary, but I am proud of myself and it was really nice to be recognized for all the crazy work I've been doing.