31 July 2013

go live

Hoo. Man.

I spent the last two, three days crawling under 100 desks.
Hooking up meters. Finagling network data ports. Sneezing at dust bunnies. Bribing cleaning ladies to open doors after hours. Making frantic calls to data & voice services and my LIS buddy Weldon. Answering no less than 20 pages. Walking countless nurses through the steps. Troubleshooting every issue that could happen. Activating ports. Stealing ports (shh). Literally running to and fro. Training a few of those that just didn't quite get it yet. Dealing with snotty people. And happy people. Addressing computer & database problems. Directing helpers. Clocking tons of overtime. Taking care of every little detail because we couldn't compromise patient care and in reality, we could get a visit from TJC  at any time and everything has to be proper, even in the middle of a massive go-live.

My feet hurt. I'm tired. I got a little punchy, then I got a little crabby. Then I got punchy again. I learned a LOT. I did a little dance when we hooked up the last one right before lunch today. I celebrated by buying myself a bag of m&m's. Oh, and I ate lunch today.

This was truly my baby, and I knocked it out of the park. I had amazing support from all over. Really, a bunch of team players here. It was a success, but I can't take all the credit. Just a lot of it.

The huge part is finally over. It came and went, and now everyone's got a shiny new meter and there are a pile of old ones sitting by the door. Still a few things to fine-tune, but overall I'm very pleased with the outcome.

Not to mention, I have some SERIOUS point-of-care street cred right now. Baller.

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