15 July 2013


I am quite pleased to find out that my sister started blogging again... although a lot of it's about her insecurities about her body. Girl, you had a baby 4 months ago and no one can even tell. You're gorgeous.

I'm hesitant to blog because I have nothing to write about except how unhappy I am with my current husband-less situation.

Worked late, so I could catch up on some work, and so I could delay coming home to this empty house. It's back to being eerie and lonely. The cat is dying for attention. Chris gave her attention all day for the last few weeks and I'm sure today she was wondering what happened. That, or maybe she just figures he's gone again like normal.

I miss the foot shelf on my old desk. I keep absent-mindedly trying to use it, but it's not there! I'm happy that Ashley's using it. It would have been a shame to see it go in the trash.

I finally succeeded in throwing away the trash cans. There were two that came with the house that were holey, missing wheels and handles, and have just seen better days. We tried to put them out last week, but the trash men left them. Today, I put them out with a sign and although I was doubtful, it worked! Yay for small victories.

I'm really thirsty and my contacts are drying out and the cat just can't handle not being pet right now. Peace.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the footstep on your desk. Best part of it. Except when I open the left hand drawer I don't find candy anymore...hmmm must be defective.