19 October 2014


There is so much bleach smell in here. It's glorious.

The shower got pretty funky, considering I haven't cleaned it since its big new debut. (What? I've cleaned the toilets and sinks pretty regularly... just not the shower.)

It was getting pretty gross. Mildew, soap scum, funk... I showered with my contacts in the other day and saw just how bad it had gotten.

So, a nice dousing of bleach, a quick scrub with comet, a thorough rinse, and a liberal application of rain-x later, it's looking and smelling like something a human being would occupy. I tried something new this time. There are a few corners that tend to get mold faster than the rest of the shower. I sprayed them directly with the rain-x to hopefully repel some of the moisture. We'll see if it works. Until next time, funky shower...

Also today marks the day that I accidentally turned a load of laundry pink. No, it wasn't a red sock in a load of whites. It was actually a load I was bleaching (bleach!). I included a hot pink tote bag in with the whites because it got something funky on it at work. It was probably coffee but I wasn't taking any chances, so I bleached it there and I bleached it at home. Well, the bag turned some socks, undies, and pillowcases nice and pink. The bag itself? No change in color, just clean. Good thing I don't mind the pink on the socks and undies. The pinkish pillowcases kind of hurt, though. Just another check mark in the list of excuses why I need another set of sheets. Hint.

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