21 October 2014

food issues

Paying close attention to what I eat to determine what sets off the tummy crummies. I did a quick search of "gastritis" that yielded a few ideas of what might be problematic. TOO FREAKING BAD the top of the list includes coffee and chocolate, my two favorite things. Also dairy. I don't think so man.

I have noticed that an excessive consumption of sugar, especially on an empty stomach, will set things off. No more weekend cupcakes for breakfast??? I might be able to handle that...
Although it doesn't make much sense because I can eat pancakes with syrup and it doesn't typically cause a problem. There is not much difference between a cupcake and pancakes when it comes to the sugar factor. Merh, I dunno.

Gunna be a dork and keep a food diary. Might even buy a cute little notebook just for that. Here goes nothing!

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Ashley Bennett said...

I'll do it with you for support if you want!