19 October 2014

that air tho

I woke up this morning to a nice cool bite in the air. Not quite yet that crisp air, but it's still wonderfully glorious.

Last night we checked out that movie theater the Palladium and it's super cool. The upstairs "VIP" area is adults only with a full bar. The employees are all super nice. Somehow the people working there were way nicer than the teenagers who work at regular movie theaters. I bet they get paid more. Even the bathrooms are nicer.
Drinking while watching a movie is right up my alley. Especially when it's a movie I'm not particularly interested in. Besides booze and really freaking good popcorn was the fact that we went with our neighbors, who I'm still trying to bond with. The husband is still kind of a know it all which gets on my nerves, but the wife's pretty chill. Turns out, she likes to talk during movies. Like make comments and such. Which is GREAT because I do too! I try not to do that during public movies because it's super annoying to everyone around you, but I was on my second glass of dinner-less wine and I haven't had booze in months. So sorry, lady next to me. I think we may go see more movies now. I had a really good time.

Yesterday was another day of getting stuff done. We got rid of the builder's mirrors that have been propped up against walls since we moved in. Nobody would take them! Until we drove by a Goodwill trailer that the high school FFA was collecting donations for. They jumped up and grabbed them. Sweeeet.

The backyard is looking really good. We finally got the flowerbeds looking decent, and got some of the trash/ disrepair removed. We really wanted to get some of it done before we have people over next weekend. [Oh- speaking of Ash, if you read this remind me we need to schedule pest control on the outside kuz we got ants-es and bugs and stuff man.]

I also managed to get a bit of decorating done. The mantle has been bare for a while because the wood is so dark that I want to get something bright/light up there. In the meantime, I embraced it and got something up there. It's a work in progress. I want to find pinecones or something glittery to put in the clear vase.

The full view:

That broom and stuff has been there for weeks, haha.

Many of our neighbors have Halloween decorations up, so we also got a few things to stick in the yard. We're not going to be that house that doesn't participate! Right now I've got some mums and a cute little scarecrow, channeling mom.

Our sweet neighbor across the street got us a scentsy warmer for a housewarming gift. You can see it in the pic- it's greenish. Isn't that just the nicest thing?? We chatted for a bit yesterday. I like her.

Okay, I think that's it for now.

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