04 October 2014

NuvaRing Adventures

Here we go again on this birth control saga!
I've tried just about everything there is, so I hope this works.

My gyno recommended this because of the type of hormones, the relative "set it and forget it" aspect that I want (3 weeks), and the fact that the hormones stay near the vag/uterus so there is less introduction into the bloodstream- which seems to be the cause of the unpleasant side effects.

So I got home after the Nexplanon removal and shut myself in the bathroom to shove it up there. It seemed simple enough. They demonstrated with a big plastic vagina in the gyno's office. I even checked out some videos and pictures.

Too bad I was less than graceful when it came to the insertion. You basically take this surprisingly big flexible ring and squish it in half, then stick it up there making sure it doesn't fly back into a ring shape. Then you take "your longest finger" and push it up as far as it will go.

I assumed that once it was up in there, it would somehow spring back into a shape that perfectly cradled my cervix and stayed conveniently out of the way. I can only imagine how ridiculous I looked trying to shove it up there as far as it would go. I even tried different positions. But once it got to a certain point, there was no budging it. Apparently my fingers aren't very long, or it just doesn't go as far up there as I thought.

I really thought I had it in there wrong, but after a bit more research, apparently it's okay as long as it's up there somewhere. I was especially concerned because it's just like, RIGHT in there. It's not out of the way AT ALL. It's front and center like, Hey! Welcome to Vagina, make yourself at home!
Although it felt comfortable to me, I knew that hubs would hate it because he would be able to feel it.

Regardless of my hesitations, when we "tested it out," he couldn't feel it! Yay! He said something felt "different," but it was not painful or scratchy like the IUD. I call that a success. Since gynecological issues are rarely awkward for me nowadays, I even asked him if he could push it up further. Not luck. It just stays where it stays.

It's been only a few days, but I don't feel it and I mostly forget about it. No cramps, spotting, or any of the other side effects I felt with the nexplanon. Although it's still not back to normal, there was also an immediate noticeable difference in libido. Heyyyyy.

I was totally scared it would come out when I pooped, but so far nothing like that has happened. Good because if it comes out I'm not grabbing it out of the toilet. I'm also a tiny bit skeptical that this little ring up there can prevent little swimmers from doing what they're meant to do... but my gyno and his nurse (who uses it) said it worked just fine.

Other factors to consider include the fact that I will probably start having periods again, and the cost.
However, my gyno said that after a few months (to get used to it), he will tell me how to insert it to avoid periods. I'm guessing instead of leaving it out for a week, you just stick another one up there. Also, he said that he gets tons of samples of these things, and he'll give me a long-term supply once I determine if I like it. I'm okay with all of that.

So there you have it. Another anti-baby device. Time will tell if this is something that will work well for me.

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