19 March 2016


I actually spelled it ^ right on the first try. I expected not to. It looks like it should be pronounced Brass-ier.

Last week's spring cleaning spree included cleaning out the underwear, sock, jammie, and bra drawers. I actually washed all my bras. Let's not talk about how long it's been since they were washed. What?? They don't get smelly!

The last time we talked about bras was fun. Let's do an update.

How many bras do you own? 
How many do you actually wear on a regular basis?
How many times do you wear a bra before you wash it?

Me, I'm finally to the point where I don't keep bras that I don't wear. I'm fed up with that nonsense! If you don't use it, lose it.

Total bras: 8. In various shades of nude, black, hot pink, polka dot, lacy, and blue.

Wearage: Some fit better than others, and I favor a few, but I wear all of them and I never wear the same one two days in a row. I actually have a system where I take one off and put it in a designated "worn" area, then pick out a new bra from the drawer for the next day. When they're all worn, I put them all back in the drawer.

(not counted: 1 really good strapless, and 1 really good sports bra)

The last time I bought new bras was probably back in 2012 when I last blogged about it. Yowza. Really, that long?
I've been putting off buying new bras until my weight (and boob size) stabilizes. Still not motivated to buy new ones, but I know I need to.

The last time I cleaned out the undie drawer was back in 2012 as well. It's been a while since I tossed the stained, the holey, the stretched out, and the just plain uncomfortable. A surprisingly small amount got thrown out. I still have an entire drawer full. I was a bit bummed that I don't get to replenish it. Victoria's Secret credit card, you're safe for now.

As always, I have a plethora of socks. Courtesy of madre. I did move all of my not-worn-anymore slack socks to storage. No sense in fishing around them to pull out socks to wear with clodhoppers.

In other closet-type news, I tried on a pair of shorts that I couldn't wear last summer because they would have fallen off of me, and they stayed put! Woo, I can wear more than one pair of shorts this summer! Sans safety pins!

And, my brother told me that I "look healthy" the other day. You have NO idea how good it felt to hear that.
P.S. I actually ate spaghetti. Close enough :o)

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