09 March 2016

Makeshift mudroom

One of the odd things about our house is that there's no real entryway. There's a dark and jumbled coat closet by the front door, and a tight laundry room by the back door.

I attempted to make a "hang your shit here" location by the porch door, but the space is simply too small for backpacks and purses and whatnot. Most of our stuff ended up on the kitchen table, or flung onto the stage. Every time I tried to clean it off, there was nowhere else to put the stuff, so it ended up in random places again. Which was always visible from the couch while I was watching tv. I would stare at it and get annoyed by the perpetual clutter. Gah.

So I started brainstorming and determined that the empty spot by the front door might be a good landing zone. It's not near the alarm pad, which might make it inconvenient, but I figured it was worth a shot.

Ideally I want to put a bench there with little storage boxes underneath. Chris's grandpa has a bench that we've got to dig out of storage and haul back. In the meantime, these previously unused shoe organizers are standing in for the bench.

Kind of unsightly, but at least all the junk is collected in one place! The previous intended landing zone by the porch door now houses dog leashes and outside shoes like rain boots, which is perfect for the porch location anyway.

Ideally, I should probably clean out the dark and jumbled closet across from the front door for this purpose. That way the stuff can be hidden.

Realistically, the fact that there's a door there will probably dissuade us from using it in the first place! God forbid we have to open a door, but hey, I know that's what will happen. Besides, we can easily spruce up the makeshift mudroom when we have guests over, and the bench will provide additional seating.

So far the makeshift mudroom is working.

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