22 March 2016

Products I'm loving lately

These pants from Academy.
  • 15 bucks and I can wear them while running errands. They're comfortable and I don't look like I'm homeless or frumpy. I have them in the grey, too.
  • They were also perfect for exercising outside on the 2 cold days we had this winter. I bought the skinny capri version for warmer days.
LUSH. I'm SO into lush. I've tried a few things and they're all wonderful. What sticks out?
  • The bath bombs and bubble bars. Duh. Except this one left a pink residue on my skin, nails, and tub. Not getting again.
  • The BIG sea salt shampoo. I only use it every few weeks because it gets it absolutely squeaky clean and it's too much for every day. I use random drug store shampoo in the meantime. But man, I look forward to that sea salt shampoo day.
  • None of the conditioners detangle enough for me, but I do like the Roots mask. I've been using the dud-for-hair BIG solid conditioner for shaving my armpits and it works really well. My armpits are so soft lately, haha. Yay for re-purposing! Especially bc it was hella-expensive. That's what you get when you have drinks at lunch and then go shopping at LUSH. Well, and you also get this classy spectacle:

What? There was booze in that cup. Not my fault. God, we're fun obnoxious. Moving on.

This armband cell phone holder. Because it's so much better than tucking my cell phone in my sports bra and pulling it out all sweaty after a workout.

Cheerios. No, really. I've been eating Cheerios every single day and it makes me so happy. Gluten Free Cheerios = LOVE.

Popit containers. Chris got me a set for Christmas to try out, and they're perfect. Standard sizes, and most importantly, they DON'T LEAK. Soup stays put. The flap thingies are sturdy so there's no danger of them breaking off. So I got another set and I use them every day for my lunch. I tossed all the other mismatched leaky containers. Just kidding. I kept them for disposable uses.

Beauty/skincare: Still using all of these. Still loving all of them.

What are you loving lately?

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