16 March 2016

things I've been up to lately

...besides work. So many hours. Such great paychecks!

It feels like crumbs are down my shirt but there are none. Weird!

Did a bit of spring cleaning.

Mostly dog beds and floors. The house was getting a LOT funky from the dog. I sacrificed my washing machine and dryer to the cloggy dog hair onslaught for the sake of a cleaner, fresher house. Evidence: Clean floors! Oh, they practically glow. I can walk around the house barefoot without collecting a bunch of unmentionable disgusting things on the bottoms of my feet.

I also cleared the winter stuff out of the closet. A whole bunch of cardigans and 1 sweater. Boo for a mild winter. I didn't even wear most of the stuff. I put a whole bunch in the "donate" pile and even threw a few things away that are stained and I have no idea why I kept them "just in case." Especially now that I wear scrubs to work again and I no longer need to have "filler" pieces.

Procrastinating the shower clean. It needs a deep one and I'm not in the mood. Instead... windows! Windows get clean! It's amazing how windows won't even look dirty and then you clean them, and the whole room gets brighter.

This year's garden situation is also un-motivating. Why plant something that dog will dig up or knock over? I have one tiny corner of the deck with a few pots that the dog leaves un-molested. The basil did well there last year. I'll do it again. Nothing else really grew, probably because of the lack of sunlight.

I love fresh herbs so maybe I can make some work on the kitchen windowsill. I'd also love to do some flowers in the front. We haven't had much time for yardwork.

P.S. The dishwasher is acting up. NOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOooooOOOOOOO!!!!! I have an unhealthy attachment to appliances, people. Especially my dishwasher!

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