02 March 2016

Keeping on

I took a nap when I got home from work today. And when I woke up, I could have kept sleeping. I WANTED to keep sleeping.

It has been incredibly busy at work lately. On top of extra busy, I've been working extra hours and coming home exhausted.

I like to call that "job security." Or, "new kitchen."

As tired as I was, I told myself I would go for a walk. Though it was a struggle, I ended up completing 3k. I even ran a little bit because a peppy song came on. The wind was blowing, the birds were singing, and I was huffing along the sidewalk, determined to run until I got to the stop sign.

As always, it was something I'm glad I did.

It's been difficult to maintain an exercise schedule. It's a bit discouraging because exercise is supposed to make you feel stronger. Instead I've been feeling worn down. I'm moving all day at work so at the end of the day it feels like I've had a day-long workout. Except it doesn't really count because it's just moving around and my heart rate's not up.

Although I can't say that it has made me feel worse. Except for the lower back pain. Why does that always accompany walk/run types of exercise? I suppose I should work more on abs. They used to be so strong and now they're all wimpy and soft. I blame that on my 30's. And wine.

Anyway, that is the status of my body and motivation. I'm no longer scared of Saturday's 3K like I was a few weeks ago, so I suppose you could say that's progress! Plus it's a great measure of how I'm doing at the halfway point for the 5K.

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