17 March 2016


I have the sweetest neighbor.

I was outside today we started chatting, and she told me about something that happened the other day.

She was out walking her dog and she heard pumpkin meowing at the front door. Chris and I were both at work and she obviously wasn't getting inside. So my neighbor went up to the front porch, made sure she had some food and water, and pet her a little bit.

She said the cat was being very insistent, as she tends to be. But it was very sweet of my neighbor to go and make sure that the cat was okay.

What she didn't know was that I threw her outside on purpose because she is being very annoying at night. Haha. If we put her outside during the day, she tends to be a lot more mellow at night and everybody sleeps a bit better.

Anyway, my neighbor is sweet.

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