16 August 2016


Rainy day off and I'm feeling creative.

There's a project brewing in the back of my mind lately. While I'm not ready to commit to redoing the kitchen, I think it's time to spruce up the bedroom.

The space is so large and awkward that we painted it beige, plopped the furniture in, hung up a couple things, and left it at that. Now it feels stale and I'm ready for a change. I wish I could get a designer in here to really transform the space. I feel like I'm not equipped to take full advantage of it.

Overall I'm leaning towards fresh and bright combined with a spa or hotel like feel. Rather than get a bunch of mass-produced decor, I want to be a bit more selective and creative. Only get things that I really love.

I've got two main challenges.

First challenge: The bed. I'm not paying for a headboard until we are ready to buy a new king-sized mattress. My eyes have been open for a suitable "headboard hack" for years now, but so far I've got nothing. It's time to work around it.

  • I love this idea of one long massive shelf to visually divide the space. Not that I love the idea of placing a bunch of dust-catching nicknacks on said shelf... I'd probably do one large-scale thing on top.

  • As much as I think accent walls are meh, I do like the idea of a stencil or pattern. Combined with a funky piece of art, it might do the trick.

I might want to paint or make something to put above the bed. I even looked at Pinot's Palette and Painting with a Twist, but the only painting that I really liked is on a night that I can't go.

Second challenge: The large space on the other side of the bedroom. I really want the space to be used, and the space should flow instead of seem divided.

Ideas: (or lack of them)
  • The most common suggestion is a sitting area. I loathe sitting areas. They're so cliche and I'd never use it. I've got a living room for that. (Unless I got a fainting couch. Then I could find excuses to be dramatic). 
The ideas have constantly flowed, but none of them I love:
  • A vanity/dressing area? But... There's a vanity in the bathroom and a whole closet right next to it.
  • A yoga/workout space? Potentially a good idea, the one I'm leaning towards most, but I don't want it to look junky and cluttery like most workout areas tend to look. And let's get real; I hardly work out.
  • A cat palace. I laugh at this, but there's already a little area where the kitty toys and scratching pad hang out. But alas, I'm simply not one of those people.
The problem is that the rest of the house provides all the spaces I need, so I don't really need the space to be anything. Maybe I'll put a sex swing in that area and call it a day, haha.

Suggestions are welcome.

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