27 August 2016


I'm so excited.
I got new dishes!

After years of intentionally mismatched dishes, I've finally decided that I dislike the mismatched and I'm ready for a set.

Since January I've been keeping my eyes open for something that makes my heart sing, but so far nothing. Then last week my coworkers told me there was a Corelle, Corningware, and Pyrex outlet store nearby.

So I swung by today. Ok, I didn't swing by. I made a special trip just to check out the store. And I spent an annoying amount of time browsing the different sets before I decided that the pattern I loved was this one:

Corelle, True Blue.
Cue heart singing.

They're beautiful, different, but also coordinated. And durable. I dropped one in the store (on accident) without any cracking or chipping. Nice, slow clap for these dishes.

The bummer? The pattern has been discontinued. WOMP WOMP. So instead of a boxed set I had to purchase individual pieces at a deep discount. I initially picked out a 6-piece set, then made it an 8-piece set because... why not? Since I'd been eying the teal coffee mugs that didn't come with this set, I mixed and matched. Perfect.

Once I got them home and cleared out my cabinets, my heart singing dropped a few notes. Because that turdy brown color on the inside wall of the cabinets is so damn ugly. I felt a little sad that I had to put my pretty new dishes in the turdy cabinet.

Then, a thought occurred.

I have paint. I have plenty of paint. I have so much darn paint. All those little 8 oz test pots that I always buy to paint a swatch before picking a color are sitting in the laundry room.

Speaking of, remember the laundry room? Former reject paint color Aqua Seawind finally got its moment. It took about 30 minutes to slap a fresh coat of paint over the turdy shade.

And it's so pretty. But, to be truthful, any color is an upgrade from Extra Turd Brown.

Now the cabinets are ready to be filled with my beautiful new dishes. Cue heart singing again.

Hey, bowls.

Looking good, plates.

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