20 August 2016

interesting motivation

Well. It turns out all the motivation I need to start eating healthier and exercising is a little bit of catastrophe.

Since the incident at the bar the other night, I don't want to drink. I've tried to enjoy a few glasses of wine after work, but it doesn't sit right. I never make it through a glass and, oddly, I don't like the way I feel.

Maybe I've developed a psychological association of alcohol with unwanted drugs.

Whatever the case, I don't want to drink. And the benefits might be two-fold.

1. Less alcohol consumption = less calories = less drunken snacking. I might be able to drop a few of these lbs around the middle that have made my pants uncomfortable.

2. Without a buzz, I've gotten quite bored. Hence new projects.
I've also got renewed motivation to work out. The other day it was rainy, and therefore cool (re: 85 degrees), so I went for a run. After 30 minutes I was done. It's another start, and every little bit counts.

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Anonymous said...

Omg I've felt that way about drinking, too! I haven't drunk a drop all week. And ironically, after last Thursday is when my anxiety kicked in too. I knew it had to all be connected! It'll all pan out and everything will soon feel normal again. In the meantime - let's fit into our pants again! Whoo! :) smashhhhhh