18 August 2014


I love our little home.

When I look back at the entire process and how stressful it was, it doesn't even seem like anything. It feels like it just happened. Since then we've put so much into it. Most of our spare time has been spent on improvements, repairs, and personalizations.

When we first moved in, it felt like we were moving in to someone else's house. Even though there is still so much to do, the amount we have done is astonishing. It's slowly starting to feel like ours.

What I mean is, there are so many memories now attached to the little details in this home. Every time I brush my teeth, I think about how long we stood in Home Depot and debated over the type of faucet. When I look up at the air conditioning vents, I think about the afternoon when we switched them all out. When I walk across the deck barefoot, or watch the rain bead up, I think about how I'm thankful we got on our hands and knees and painted that stain. Every time I use the front door, I remember how Ashley and I applied the frosted contact paper to the window panes. The first time that I saw Calvin dance was in my kitchen, before we had even moved in, to some pop song on the radio. Bending his knees and bouncing his little diapered butt up and down. Mom's little Bose sure has sparked a lot of spontaneous dance parties over the years.

In addition to the improvements, I'm slowly decorating the space-- more like re-arranging our items so that they look nice, instead of like I unpacked things and set them places. Trying to get the best form & function. Who knew that scooting the washer and dryer over a foot and a half would make such a difference?

We've learned that nothing goes right the first time in this little old house. Every project involves an extension and a trip to Home Depot. We're learning not to get frustrated with each other when every project does inevitably go wrong.

Kitty is adjusting. She's located her "spots" and has ventured out the cat door like she's used to it. We've even closed up the littler box, except for when it rains. I haven't found any poo or pee in the house yet...

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