15 August 2014

seating arrangements

You know what's really awkward?

When the shuttle I take home from work gets too full and there are no more seats. It happens every so often. Thankfully my stop is kind of towards the middle, and there have always been seats available when I get on. When they run out, the bus driver usually gives people the option to stand or wait for the next bus (usually 20 minutes later).

It's super awkward when I'm all comfy cozy in my seat, preparing to get my nap on, and someone is standing right next to me. Like, today I was eye level with some dude's butt. It was a nice butt, but that's so awkward!

Also it's kind of awkward when I'm sitting towards the front because I always feel like I should give my seat up for someone else... but I don't because I'm tired and my feet hurt, too. I mean, if the usual pregnant, injured, or elderly got on the bus, of course I'd give up my seat. But visibly normal/ equal people? Nah. I'm good.

Thank goodness for sunglasses that give me that tiny shred of "you can't see me, I can't see you" mentality. Eye contact would certainly make things worse. God, I feel like an asshole. But I also can't give up my seat on the bus every time that happens.

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