14 August 2014

half baked

I peruse pinterest a lot in my free time. It's so easy, and there's always something to see.

I've come across several more ideas that seem great, but in reality are probably not the best ideas once you actually apply a little brainpower to them.

First off, this one that I've seen frequently:

Baking sugar and food coloring to get edible glitter. Then it's coupled with this picture:

Jesus. It's not going to look metallic, people! It's going to look like colored sugar. How misleading. And the comments are hilarious- "OMG! Edible Glitter!"

Next up, this idea:

Now I know from experience that using dry erase markers is great in theory, but they never completely wipe off. Take this image-- there's green smeared all over the top from trying to clean off previous dry erase marker notes.
I see you, smear.

How about this idea:
The skinny shelf that pulls out between the fridge and wall.

I actually thought about doing this. But I can just imagine how hysterical it would be when you pull it all the way out, and it topples over. A tall, skinny shelf that moves independently on wheels-- not exactly the most stable situation. Also, what about the space needed between the fridge and wall to avoid overheating?

I suppose it's not the ideas themselves that bother me, it's the fact that people pin them and think they're the most genius ideas ever.

One last one:

This idea is actually cute, but WHERE DO YOU PUT ALL YOUR WINE???
I suppose that particular wine rack IS a little small... :o)

(By the way, I made these, and they are every bit as amazing as they look.)

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