10 August 2014


I miss having big boobs.
I've noticed the difference in size over the last couple of years, and have contemplated the reasons why they've changed, but the bottom line is they're not big anymore. And I miss them.

Bundle that with the fact that no one hits on me anymore, which is probably related to the drop in cup size, these breakouts I've been unable to resolve, and the fact that 30 is rapidly approaching, and we've got a perfect recipe for feeling less than attractive.

On the plus side, with boobs that are more in proportion to my body frame, I can probably fit into anything now. If only I had the cash to update my sad, ill-fitting, faded college wardrobe- and buy new bras that don't have a lot of airspace...

I'm in serious need of an image makeover over here. I'm fucking frump girl all the time. It's fucking depressing.

Maybe I need to just take a few hundred dollars and splurge, possibly at the H&M I've been wanting to visit. But, you know, we need a new hot water heater and fence and all that. Merh.

I wonder if this is common amongst women who are exiting their 20's. That effortlessly youthful look has definitely faded. My body has definitely changed.

I don't want to be one of those women that clings to youth instead of embracing the subtle changes that come with being alive. Yet, somehow, I'm struggling with it. I hope to have it figured out sooner than later.

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Suzy :) said...

I say take a little cash and update your dang look Nen!! You deserve to feel just as beautiful as you are...plus, I'll go shopping with you haha :D