20 August 2014


There are plenty of ways to test a relationship.

Our personal favorites include living apart for 4 years, deployments and getting married in the middle of it all, living together for the first time, buying a house as soon as he comes home, and fixing up said house. Where have the last few years gone?? I feel like I've aged and grown and learned at warp speed.

For the most part, we've handled these challenges well. Not to say that we haven't had more than a few I want-to-strangle-you disagreements. Especially since he's been home.

Juggling multiple major life changes at once will do that. Not only did we have to deal with these changes on an individual level, we had to figure these changes out together. I especially had a hard time with that, because I had gotten so used to doing things my way, when I wanted to, whatever I wanted to do.
How dare he come home and cramp my style. Right? Wrong. I'm adjusting. We're adjusting. Figuring out each other's expectations really helped. From there it was a lot smoother. Relationship win!

We've barely had time to enjoy each other's company, and he's already been home for 9 months. What?? He's already been home for that long? Again-- when did time hit warp speed?
I don't even feel "married." It's not much different. I just feel like I'm hanging out with my toot.

Go figure, huh?

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