02 August 2014

stuff done

Operation "Paint the Ugly Gold Shower" has begun.

It has been scrubbed sparkling, old leaky caulk has been removed (Oh, caulk. How I hate re-doing thee), and I've scraped off 30-year old hard water/soap scum off of every crevice. After the deep clean I feel better about it already.
After it dries it's ready to be sanded, taped off, painted, and re-caulked. Hubs will do all that, since he has his days free until school starts. I can't wait to have a bathroom free of gold. The ORB spray paint worked well on the knobs, so I hope it works well on the shower...

Speaking of, we (Chris) also managed to complete a few other tasks that have been on the list:
  • Re-hinging the backyard gate. WOO! I have been boycotting that horrible pain in the ass. He just made my life so much easier.
  • Putting an aerator on the bar faucet. No more firehose.
  • Fixing the sprinklers- the sprinkler company quoted us $150 for the part, but Chris found it at Home Depot for $9 and installed it with no problem. BOO YA.
I've got some ideas for the guest bath (I kinda wanna try stripes) and the laundry room. The latter is another pain in my ass. Every time I walk in the room I end up bumping into something, and there's not much space to actually get laundry done. Thank goodness Pinterest is full of people with awesome laundry rooms. I've got some pretty efficient ideas. Now, just to make them happen... can someone give me an extra few hundred dollars, and a few extra days?

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