16 August 2015

lately, in pictures.

The morning involved a double batch of waffles, to freeze.

I don't know what happened. I bought these at the same time, put them in the same place, gave them the same amount of water. One is thriving, the other went Poof and dried up in like a day. I'm sorry little rose bush on the right! I hope you survive!

This is the unfortunate state of my craft room. Full of racing stuff and man stuff. Which means pretty much no crafts until the man room is done. Motivation to get it done-- Mama's gotta craft!

Because... here is a picture of the guest/man room before we bought the house: (yes, that's a lot of holes in the wall)

Here is a picture after we moved in and plopped a bed in there...

And here's how it looks now.

I was very skeptical of the color initially, but Chris insisted and I'm glad he did. It looks pretty cool, and I think with the right decor, it will end up being a really cool room. I've been looking at pinterest for color inspiration.

Spent a good part of my morning running errands, including a trip to the dollar store to hopefully find k-cup storage solutions. I didn't find one, but of course it's the dollar store so I managed to find a few things. ;o) I might need to suck it up, brave the Galleria traffic one day, go to the Container Store, be done with it and move on to another project. Ooh, or maybe Ikea has something. I need to do some more research. Or maybe I could build something custom. Because Chris doesn't get nervous at ALL when I use his tools.

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