07 August 2015


I'm lonely and sad. Which is odd.
Normally I'd be thrilled at the chance for some of this rare "me" time. I'd have plans to make the most of it, do some crafts, play silly music on the tv music channels, go shopping, etc.

I think the psychological aspect of dropping him off at the airport has something to do with it. Every other time I've done that, it's to send him off to war, or deployment, or for an extended period of time. This time it was only for a measly few days, but that same sense of emptiness is here.

If he had woken up early and driven off for the weekend, it would have felt different. I had almost forgotten this feeling, and I don't like it showing up now.
Maybe nap will do the trick. I didn't sleep much/well last night and being tired always magnifies negative emotions. Maybe I'll wake up ambitious and renewed.

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