15 August 2015

today's events

-Edamame and cupcakes from Trader Joe's today after an epic Garden Ridge trip. Except I haven't tried the edamame yet and the frosting on the cupcakes melted in the heat. They were still delicious, even if the sugar was too much. I've definitely noticed a decreased tolerance for sugar again lately. I'm counting that as a good thing.

-The last room in the house is painted!!! Horraaahhhh!!! It only took a year and a half to repaint every single room in the house. Even though the guest/man room is nowhere near being complete, at least that part is done. I forget how sore I get after painting. Also I feel really productive and I'm surprised at how good it looks since I was initially super skeptical about the bright blue color he chose. I think it will end up looking really great. Pictures if I feel like it.

-I got really pissed at Chris today because of, basically, his habit of cleaning off his desk by shoving random papers in drawers. Including my defensive driving paperwork, which I need to finish the course and show back up at court. After about 20 minutes of furious, diligent digging, I found them shoved in a random drawer alongside old lottery tickets and gas receipts. That is not where important papers go. Toot.

-I haven't had wine in about a week, because last week I felt sick on and off, with a rotating combination of a fever, headache, and stomach ache. Today I started my period and ironically because those random ails decided to leave town for the day, it's the best I've felt all week! I also bought 5 bottles of wine because Trader Joe's has a ridiculously large selection of good cheap wine. I haven't had any yet because I really wanted to paint straight lines, but the possibilities of a full wine rack are endless!

-It is nearly midnight and I've probably wound down enough to get ready for bed.

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