23 August 2015

i should be paying bills


The past few weeks have been interesting. May be seeing some major changes around here if things don't turn around, or if the grass actually ends up being greener on the other side.
Because, due to recent events, I finally got motivated. Like, slap me in the face how-dare-you kind of motivated. In fact, the whole entire department has developed the same attitude, which should be interesting. In fact, we've already lost 1 of the new people we just hired.
Hey, man. We're not joking. You really can't treat us like that.

You know, stuff like that. Which leaves me in super-anxiety mode, which is always fun.

We went to Ikea twice this weekend. After I slept in on Saturday until 11am. That's the kind of weekend it was.

Let's see what kind of week it will be.

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