09 August 2015


I am grateful that I am fortunate enough to have a sister within a short driving distance that will let me hang out at her house all day because I'm lonely at mine. Who face-times my other sister so we can be loud and obnoxious and gloriously connected and inadvertent wake up my brother-in-law. Who keeps gluten free bread in her freezer and microwave mac & cheese in her pantry. Who shares her chocolate. Who changes up her dinner routine to include the GF-est option she planned for the week. That is love, people.

I'm grateful I have a nephew who, even with his 2-year-old attitude, makes me laugh and doesn't mind too much yet when Aunt Nen grabs him for a snuggle. The way he's growing into a little person blows my mind and it's so fun to watch him learn.

I'm grateful for a husband who I love enough to miss when he's gone and who buys me fresh fruit at the farmer's market on the way home even though there's lots of traffic.
Oddly enough, I'm grateful for the dog, because I promised Chris I'd play with her when he was gone. She miraculously made me feel like coming home to an empty house is not quite so empty. Even though she smells and sheds and does other dog-things.

I love that Chris randomly found his lost wedding ring today, and that I found mini roses on sale for $2 a pot, and that Calvin decided to use my phone's voice-activated Google to search Big Rocket Ships and Little Einsteins about 50 million times. Impressed at the toddler-talk translation that google managed to pick up. Hilarity at the mis-interpretations it managed to pick up along the way. I'm sure I'm on some FBI watch list now.

Not so thrilled that tomorrow is Monday and this weekend went by way too fast and it's back to another week of work. But maybe I should also be grateful for that.

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