10 June 2016


False eyelashes. I tried them! With mixed feelings. Exhibit A:

I loved the look... after about half of them fell off. The full set is way too gaudy and I dig a look that's more natural.

I could go back to the place and request just that, but my coworker mentioned that she does hers herself, using lashes from the drugstore. That intrigued me. Customizable AND cheap? Yes, please.

So I bought myself a set, then got irked when I discovered that they don't come with glue. So they sat there until I eventually got glue.

It was a bit awkward applying them, but after a few tries I got them to stick in a reasonable way. I only applied a few, to fill in the gaps where the previous falsies fell off and took a few of my real lashes with them-- another reason why I'm not in a hurry to go back and get another set.

No clue how long these will stay on. I'm guessing they'll fall off in the shower, since it's regular glue and not whatever industrial-strength stuff they use at the professional place. Seriously it's been about a month and I still have a few falsies refusing to fall off. Even after I saturated them with baby oil. Fine, stay. I don't mind.

All in all, it was a fun thing to try, and I might go back and get another (more sparse) set for a special occasion. It was really nice waking up and looking fabulous, and I didn't have to worry about my makeup smudging or sweating off in the summer heat. They did require a bit more care than I'm used to (avoiding: water in the shower, sleeping on my side, and rubbing my eyes), not to mention the unfortunate demise of several real lashes, so it definitely won't be a regular thing.

I'll most likely apply a few of the drugstore lashes for a little glam if I'm going out or need a boost.

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